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Fellowship of the Spirit-NORTHEAST-Complete CD set

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Product ID - :2021FOTSNE CD Set
Northeast-Fellowship of the Spirit Complete 2021CD Set-Virtual Recording
 Set - Includes:
Steps 1 through 12 

Lindsey F. From Gray, Maine
1st Step with Maggie (AFG), John H., Judy L. 
2nd with Donna L., Marie M., (AFG), Tom N.
3rd Step with Chris S., Belle S., (AFG), Chantel S. 
4th and 5th Steps with Moe H., Rich P. (AFG), Bruce R.  
6th & 7th Steps Dave C., Donald H., (AFG), Jess I.
Marie M. (Al-Anon) From Denver, Colorado
8th & 9th Steps Isaiah B., Wendy B. (AFG), Mike L. 
10th Step  with Stacy H., Ellen P., (AFG), Steve C.
 Mickey M. From-Denver, Colorado 
11th Step with Jack D., Craig L., (AFG), Debbie G.
12th Step with Lisa H., Juanita U., (AFG), Tim M. 
Scott S. From-Philadelphia, PA

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