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30th Annual Fellowship of the Spirit-COLORADO-Complete FD 07/28, 29, 30, 31/2022

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30th Annual Fellowship of the Spirit Complete 2022 FD        07/28, 29, 30, 31/2022
 Set - Includes: Speakers
Steps 1 through 12 

1st Step with Dawn L, Sue M.-AFG, Tony B. 
2nd Step with Kenny D., Brenda B.-AFG, Derrek M. 
Judy L. From-Westminster, Colorado
3rd Step with Sanjay, Regina-AFG, Brad M. 
4th & 5th Steps with Belinda F., Nikki D-G, Sam G., Carrie F.-AFG
FOTS History w/Mickey M., Marie M.-AFG, Tom U., Juanita U.-AFG
6th & 7th Steps w/Tom U., Larry-AFG, Sheryl W., Brendan D. 
8th & 9th Steps w/Laura McC., Chad A., Larry G. AFG, Mary Thayer
Larry M. From-Aurora, Colorado
10th Step  w/D'Anne-AFG, David H., Don C. 
Brad T. From-Newport, Kentucky
11th Step w/Kelli G., Jack S., Josh-AFG
12th Step w/John-AFG, Ericka M., Mickey M. 
Misoon W. From-Naples, Florida
Ten Min. Speakers w/Beth M., John-AFG, Kate R., Heather P., Dave P.
Rona Y. From-Seattle, Washington

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