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27th Annual Colorado Fellowship of the Spirit Complete CD set

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Product ID - :2019 FOTS CO CD Set
27th Annual Fellowship of the Spirit Complete 2019 CD Set
 Set - Includes:

Steps 1 through 12 

1st Step with Myra M., Linda H(AFG), Mark M. 
2nd Step with Jeff P., Jennifer C.(AFG), Kate R. 
Brad March From Buena Vista, Colorado
3rd Step with Jason G., Nicole DS.(AFG), Scott S. 
Steps 4 & 5 with Dawn L., Juanita U., Brent DS., Stewart R. 
Steps 6 & 7 with Matt W., Sue W.(AFG), David S. 
Steps 8 & 9 with Colin M., Chris N. (AFG), Brad T. 
Traditions with Brock S., Christy B.,(AFG), Sarah M., Tom B.(AFG)
Marilyn Blake From Westminster, Colorado
10th Step with Ricky G., Jared Y.(AFG), Courtney L. 
Bobby Cole From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
11th Step with Don S., Amy C.(AFG), Kyle R.
12th Step with Dave P., Bernardo W., Linda J.(AFG), Ericka M. 
Jeff Vanlaningham From Fargo, North Dakota
Ten Minute Speakers with Nicki G., Sarah F. (AFG), Jeff N., Robin C., Clint J.
Cortney Collins From Eaton, Colorado

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