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2022 Fellowship of the Spirit-NORTHEAST-Complete CD set

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Product ID - :2022 FOTSNE CD Set
Northeast-Fellowship of the Spirit Complete 2022 CD Set -Virtual Recording
 Set - Includes:
Steps 1 through 12 

Debby O. From Lyman, Maine
1st Step with Mark V., Karen L-Alanon-Shannon 
2nd with Stephanie Keri B-Alanon-Matt T.
3rd Step with Ray P-Germaine L-B-Alanon-Sareen S.   
4th and 5th Steps with Lizzie C-Kim L-Alanon-TK.  
6th & 7th Steps Milo M-Linda J-Alanon Karen M.
Derek M. From Frederick, Colorado
8th & 9th Steps Shawn D-Lori S-Alanon-Justine B. 
10th Step  with Debi V-Debbie A-Alanon-Devin C.
 Juanita U. Alanon-From-Santa fe, New Mexico 
11th Step with Donna C-Louise T-Alanon-Mike M.
12th Step with Ronica - Yvonne D-Alanon-Jim L. 
Kate R. From-Denver, Colorado

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